The StorePoint Europe format is unique, and has been designed for maximum productivity for retail and supplier executives seeking to expand and grow their business.

For Suppliers, contact our sales team for participation package pricing.  Participation fees include the boardroom presentations, any pre-scheduled, one-on-one appointments, the General Sessions, the meals and social events outlined within the agenda, and inclusion in the Event Directory.

Optional sponsorship opportunities are available designed to elevate your company’s visibility at the Event. Based on your package selection you will participate in:

Executive Boardroom Presentations
As a participating supplier you will present to a minimum of two (2) retailer groups, which have been pre-selected for you based on a combination of your interests and that of the retailers.  You will present to a minimum of seven (7) of retail executives that have expressed interest in your product or service capability in each boardroom session, guaranteed.  Twenty five minutes in length, boardroom presentations are an opportunity for you to provide the retailers with a snapshot of your Company’s capabilities, business strategy or innovation that your Company has to offer

One-on-One Appointments
Offer a private environment to continue the dialog started in the boardrooms or to meet with any of the Retailers at the Event .  Each Supplier will be provided a private space to conduct one on one meetings.  Connecting Point will pre-schedule one on one appointments based on your requests and that of the Retailers in advance of the Event.  It is the perfect setting to discuss specific applications, proprietary information and determine the next steps.

General Sessions
Featuring leading speakers from within the industry and from outside the industry, the General Sessions will bring you the latest insights into trends of today and  opportunities for the future, providing you with the means to inspire innovation, leadership and growth within your own organization.

Within the StorePoint Europe agenda, you will find many ways to develop and strengthen your industry relationships in an intimate and first class environment.
Events within the StorePoint Europe agenda optimized to enhance social interaction include:

Conducted in a business-intensive format that sets the standard for the industry, the StorePoint Europe format is powerfully simple - and inimitably successful.