Retailer Information

Retailer Information
As our guest, come to StorePoint Europe to find the resources to innovate your store environment.  You will take part in an executive Event with a personalized agenda based on your interests and initiatives.  Prior to the Event, you will complete a survey indicating the areas of innovation for which you are interested.  We will then create a custom agenda comprised of boardroom and theater presentations to see Companies’ management teams present their capabilities and innovations along with private one on one appointments to discuss your specific applications, have the rare opportunity for peer exchange, attend world class General Sessions as well as a unique and first class social agenda.

Executive Boardroom Presentations
As a participating Retailer, you will be pre-assigned to a boardroom with a small group of your peers that have expressed similar interests.  Twenty five minutes in length, boardroom presentations provide you with an overview of the Company’s capabilities and product/innovation/service that the Suppliers have to offer.  The Boardrooms are an extremely efficient means to learn of several resources for your business.  Boardroom presentations are the foundation of the Event and fill approximately two thirds of each day of the Event.

One-on-One Appointments
Offer a private environment to do business with the Suppliers of your choice.  Each Supplier will have an area to meet exclusively with you.  The one on one appointments provide an ideal follow-up with Suppliers of interest for the boardroom presentations or to meet with any of the participants at the Event.     

General Sessions  
Featuring leading speakers from within the industry and from outside the industry, the StorePoint Europe General Sessions will bring you the latest insights into trends of today and opportunities for the future, providing you with the means to inspire innovation, leadership and growth within your own organization.

Within the StorePoint Europe agenda, you will find many ways to develop and strengthen your industry relationships in an executive and casual environment.
The networking Events are designed to optimize interaction include:

Conducted in a business-intensive format that sets the standard for the industry, the StorePoint Europe format is powerfully simple - and inimitably successful.